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Throttle Valve Housing

GO WESTY. GoWesty-designed Throttle Valve Housing for your 2.1L and late 1.9L Vanagon fitted with original VW fuel injection. Features: New anodized billet aluminum throttle valve housing, New anodized aluminum throttle plate, Sealed, stainless ball bearings locate the throttle shaft rotationally, No bushings to wear out, Precise shims locate the throttle shaft axially. No more throttle plate/housing contact and resulting wear of both. All new hardware. Pre-adjusted throttle position switch (TPS). Emissions legal in all 50 States - See Emissions tab These throttle body assemblies are completely new and have no core charge! Note: This throttle valve housing is a direct replacement for all 2100cc, and 1900cc throttle valves that have 1 micro switch located underneath the housing.* This throttle valve is NOT a direct replacement for 1900cc throttle valves with the TWO micro switches on TOP of the housing, modification to the EFI wiring harness is required for that application. The Bosch Sealed 2 Pin Female Connector Kit is necessary to make this modification.
Note for Digijet (1983-85 1900cc USA Vanagons): The vacuum port on our throttle valve housing is used on all Vanagons for the fuel tank vapor control system, and for the vacuum advance side of the Digijet distributor diaphragm. Connect the vacuum advance side of the distributor diaphragm to the vacuum port on the new housing. The vacuum retard port is connected to the intake manifold vacuum. Simply "T" off of the vacuum line that runs to the fuel pressure regulator and plumb it to the vacuum retard port on the distributor diaphragm. *This throttle valve housing is NOT compatible with the GoWesty Engine Management System (GW-EFI). It is for Digifant/Digijet fuel injection only. If you are ready to update your vehicle to a modern and reliable fuel injection system, please click the link above.

Part #: GVW-TB-DF-N

CAD 595.00

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