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Audi Adjustable Control Arms 1998-2008

Audi A4 / S4 / RS4. 1998-2008. Front.
This set of adjustable upper control arms will allow +/- 1.5° Camber and/or Caster change. These arms directly replace factory fixed-length arms, allowing easy adjustments after installation. Engineered for both street and track use, forged 6061-T6 aluminum ends with large 18mm threaded adjuster links assure this is the strongest kit available. Maintenance free ball joints and bushings provide factory ride, handling, and NVH performance.

This platform takes two arms per side, a total of four arms will be needed to complete the entire front end. ( 2 KITS )

Front Adjustment range:
Camber: -1.5 degrees to +1.5 degrees
Caster: -1.5 degrees to +1.5 degrees

Part #: SPC81350

$269.00 $215.00 $54.00

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