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APR Pex Intake Front Airbox

APR PEX INTAKE SYSTEM - FRONT AIRBOX - 1.8T/2.0T TSI EA888 PQ35 PLATFORM. This is the main air box intake kit, you can also upgrade the rear turbo inlet pipe sold seperately # APRCI100039-B. PLEASE NOTE :, the TT requires an intake adapter (APRCI100020-D). The CC, Passat, and Tiguan require an intake adapter (APRCI100035-C). The Beetle, Jetta, and Passat, all with the EA888 Gen 3 Engine, require an intake adapter (APRCI100020-E). Models with Secondary Air Injection (SAI) require a breather filter (APRCI100020-A).

The APR Intake System lets your engine breathe! This closed design rejects power-robbing heat from the engine bay thanks to the high heat deflection material used in the intake's design. It provides an unrestrictive path for cold, dense air fed from outside of the engine bay to maximize power. We use a high flow filter that provides excellent filtration without the restrictions, which keeps the engine clean while optimizing power delivery. On the flow bench, we recorded a 31% increase in CFM over the factory airbox, and a 24% increase over the total system. This translates to a sharper throttle response, lessened strain on the turbocharger, and more horsepower and torque. The system is an excellent value. It installs in minutes, looks fantastic, delivers a sporty engine note, and is recommended at all stages of performance.

The APR Intake System is modular. It connects to the factory turbo inlet piping, and provides substantial gains. Those looking to complete the system can opt for the optional APR Turbo Inlet pipe to increase flow over the smaller factory turbo inlet piping. Our inlet pipe is a continuous massive pipe that connects to the turbocharger via a port-matching silicon coupler. The PCV system conveniently connects to the intake via a billet aluminum adapter. Lastly, the system uses a flex coupler that allows adequate engine movement and flex. CI100039

Part #: APRCI100039


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