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Audi S5 B8 4.2L Quad BLK Tips

FULL - 3" B8 S5 Dual Exit Dual Tips Diamond Black

APR is pleased to present our first RSC™ Exhaust System for the Audi marque in the new 4.2L FSI V8 B8 S5.

Reflective Sound Cancellation allows for maximum exhaust gas flow while completely eliminating in cabin sound resonance (drone). RSC™ incorporates innovative technologies developed in conjunction with NASA. With limited use of packing materials and no baffles, RSC™ allows for a completely straight and free flowing exhaust path through the RSC™ mufflers. Reflective Cancellation bounces the undesirable sound waves into each other to attenuate the wave and completely eliminate the low frequency tones that create drone. Each RSC™ muffler is tuned to eliminate specific, undesirable sound frequencies allowing only the engine's desirable exhaust notes to be heard and improving performance.

Part #: APRFE100042B

$4,124.99 $1,814.99 $2,310.00

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