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Accelerator Mod - Bus 1955-67

RUSTIES AUTOWERKSTATT. The AcceleratorMod from Rusties Autowerkstatt is a must have, no a need, for any and all drivers or owners of mid 1955 - 1967 Buses.
This is certainly not a low quality product or some cheap knock off.
The AcceleratorMod is made from the highest quality components, and built to last.
The AcceleratorMod pivot bracket laser cut from solid stainless steel. A deep groove, rubber sealed bearing is pressed in. All bearings and ball joints are rubber sealed to keep water and debris out, and lubricant in.
Built for years of trouble free use.
The sealed bearing, along with a stainless steel spring and hook provide the smoothest pivot, and a gas pedal that responds. The added spring also takes some of the stress off the rear of the accelerator cable system, the carb linkage and throttle shaft return springs.
The AcceleratorMod mounts to the original location and to the original holes. The “L” bracket and all provided mounting hardware is stainless steel. This bolt on modification replaces the original pedal pivot and all associated parts.

Features include:
- Adjustable Pedal Rod
- “L” bracket laser cut from solid Stainless Steel
- Rubber sealed bearing
- Rubber sealed pedal rod joints
- Stainless Steel spring and hook system that stays connected
- All mounting hardware is Stainless Steel
- Made In Canada



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