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1600 NEW Longblock Engine DP

Please contact us to confirm availability.

Not to be confused with a "rebuilt" engine. These engines start with a new magnesium VW engine case and a built up of 100% new components.

Built entirely in our dedicated engine shop, in a clean room.

We offer a 1 year warranty to the original purchaser, as long as it is installed with all the original VW cooling tin, and installed by a professional. Total timing and fuel mixture must be verified at the time of install. Oil used must contain a Zinc additive, if in doubt we can make a recommendation for you. We want these engines to last a lifetime, as you would expect. Incorrect installation and setup can lead to failures, which are easily avoided.

Initial break-in procedure instructions are included.

We normally try to keep 1-2 in stock at any given time.

*distributor shown is not included* we install junk distributors to prevent damage to the distributor drive gear prior instalation.

Part #: C1M-1-1600-WEB


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